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Why I love AquaPorko (I also love to ramble)

This post is brought to you by the delicious Katie C – EM.

I’m not sure how many people reading this blog have ever actually seen us do a ‘porko routine, but if you haven’t, you are surely missing out. The day of our first performance last year was pretty much the greatest day. We were brave, strong and amazing. We wore tutus, sang along, splashed our fat legs until we were red in the face and we had the most wonderful crowd to help cheer us on.

 A picture of 8 fat ladies in a swimming pool.  They are all wearing floral swimming caps and posing with their hands underneath their chin.

I joined Aquaporko thinking it’d be a good way for me to get some use out of my bathers and give this water-loving, heat-hating body of mine a place to take itself with the safety of other like-sized people. What I got was a group of inspirational, wonderful, funny and awesome team/group mates, something to look forward to after a long work day, and a chance to stretch myself in a number of different ways (only one is literal, there is a lot of stretching involved in a vagina-to-the-skull).

These women are amazing, some I am closer to than others, some I rarely see outside of ‘porko practice, but all of them are a part of what makes us so great. Each person will always hold a special place in my heart. I’ve been a part of sports teams and group before, but never anything like this. We laugh, we push each other mentally and physically, we spend a lot of time up-close and personal in the water and if that doesn’t build trust, I don’t know what will!

If you are a fatty out in the Melbourne community and looking for a way to connect with other fatties and to get some fun, splashing and awesomeness in your life, you can look no further than Aquaporko. We want to meet you, and we really want to teach you the Barracuda.

EM – We’re taking a break over the holiday period to be mermaids in various other non-porko times and locations.  If you’re interested in joining us in the new year, why not drop us a line at our Facebook page, or DM us @aquaporko on Twitter?  You can also email us at aquaporkomelb at gmail dot com.  SPLASHY HOLIDAYS!!

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