Aquaporko Season Two: The Porkening

What day is it, people of the internet?

Why, it is the day that Aquaporko Melbourne starts up again and I am so freaking excited that it verges on the obscene.

When the wonderful Jackie (from Fatuosity) convinced a group of us to jump in the pool and eggbeater with the best of them last year, I had no idea the impact that this one aspect of ~~fat community~~ would have on me. I’ve always loved swimming and have never really been overly shy about putting my fat body in the water but there is something so incredibly powerful about a group of fatties splashing around together.

I have been bereft over the off-season and have been marking off the days until Porko’s return on my calendar and it is finally here!

What is strange about today is trying out another pool. I know it is such a small thing but I had become so comfortable at the Carlton Baths and now there is the great unknown of a new place. However, knowing that there is a group of fab fats who will be exploring it with me, splashing around with me and being unashamedly fat in bathers with me, that makes all the difference.

I know where my bathers are. I know where my nose clip is. I even have a bathing cap this year.

Bring it on, porkos!


One thought on “Aquaporko Season Two: The Porkening

  1. Jackie says:

    It was an awesome day! I’m so happy we’re back to swimming again!

    PS: I can totes log in now! Hooray!

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